Tuesday, April 11, 2006

How You Can Make Up To $2,778.00 A Day Sitting At Your Home Computer!

Even Out Of A Small Bedroom In Your Home!

By Jason Ryan Isaksen {reprinted with permission}

An Amazing But True Life Story About Internet Marketing And How You Can Cash In.

Anyone Can Do What I Do!

I know you probably think it sounds like I'm exaggerating when I tell you I make up to $2,778.00 a day sitting at my computer.

As crazy at it sounds, I actually do it on a regular basis and I only spend a couple hours a day at my computer. And I really believe that anyone over the age of 9 or 10 years old can follow my example and do exactly what I'm doing. I know a few secrets and I'm about to reveal them to you in the pages ahead. So keep reading if making up to $2778.00 a day is acceptable to you.
Of course I can't and won't guarantee that you'll make the exact same number of dollars I make everyday, but what I can do is tell you how I do it. I'll reveal some of my most confidential secrets, tips and tricks along with a complete money-making system that produces a serious income!

How Much Money Do You Really Want To Make?

My average income per day as I sit here writing this book for you is averaging just above $2,700.00 per day. Some days I make more than that, other days I make less.

As of October, 2004 I've generated over 2.4 million dollars using my internet marketing system. Now that's gross, not net, but at least close to half of that is net(money that I got to keep.) But I don't want to sit here like all those other internet marketing gurus that tell you over and over how they're millionaires.

No instead I'd rather just show you a few of my actual bank statements from my business checking account so you can see my total monthly and yearly deposits for yourself. While others just talk, I offer proof!

These days it seems like everyone is flapping their lips trying to convince us of how much money they make. Don't listen to what they say. Ask for proof! Ask them to show you actual bank statements like I do. Then watch how fast they try to make up excuses about why they can't show you their bank statements. They'll say things like: "Oh I can't show you my bank statement because that's confidential." And the only reason they won't show you their bank statement is because you'd laugh if you saw most of them. That's why they keep it so confidential. But I believe anyone who is really making a serious internet income will be more than happy to show you a simple bank statement as proof.

This excerpt is just a taste of one man's quest to becoming a $2.4 million dollar man. The authentic, test-driven methods he discloses in his book have helped, many, including this author, realize their dreams to becoming wealthy on the internet.
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Thursday, April 06, 2006

TSF-Temporary Seller Financing/Simultaneous Closing

With my knowledge, funding sources, and unique financing strategy using TSF-Temporary Seller Financing, I can help you find more prospective buyers and can help you close on your property faster than any traditional source.

How Does TSF-Temporary Seller Financing or Simultaneous Closing Work?If you are having a difficult time selling a property due to lack of a properly funded buyers, TSF-Temporary Seller Financing or Simultaneous Closing will solve your problem.
Below is a an example of a typical Simultaneous Closing transaction. What you don't know about Temporary Seller Financing/Simultaneous Closing could be costing you time and lost opportunities. It is a well known fact that owner financing sells properties fast, especially with properties or prospective buyers that do not conform to traditional lending/mortgage requirements, but until now the big problem with this approach has been that the typical property seller does not want to collect monthly payments and needs/wants to cash out at closing to pay off the existing mortgage, to cover all closing costs, to purchase another property, or for any number of other reasons. Sellers need cash!

We have eliminated that problem! You now have access to our unlimited funds and can use our unique Temporary Seller Financing strategy to sell a property at top price, and still generate cash at closing!

1. Basically, you (seller) set the sales price (should be the appraised value), get a down payment, and create a 1st Mortgage Note that my investors will purchase for 85% - 95% of face value (depending on LTV, credit of buyer, and rate/term of note), at, or right after, the closing (hence the termTSF-Temporary Seller Financing), and I will be happy to help you and your buyer through the entire process.

It's really quite simple! Essentially, you just do the following:1. Advertise "Owner Will Finance, No Points! No Bank Qualifying!" (I can help with the exact wording for your specific property!) This will attract many more prospects than the traditional approach.

2 . Set the sale price equal to the appraised value (not a penny less, even if this is higher than what you now have it listed for). At this point, seller pre-determines, based on their needs (I'll help!), the seller-financed deal that will be offered (i.e. Sales Price / Down Payment / 1st Mortgage Note seller will create / Terms, etc.)

Example: Sales Price (appraised value) = $100,000. The deal that might be offered: 10% down ($10,000) and a 90% First Mortgage Note ($90,000) @ 10% interest for 360 months. Monthly payment would be $789.81 (P+I). Remember, we are going to buy this note for approximately $82,700; add the down payment and seller gets a total $92,700 (this number can be higher depending on how we structure the sale price) less normal closing costs to cover appraisal and title work.

From this point forward, there will be little or no negotiation with any prospective buyer. You are offering the financing, which the buyer can not get elsewhere, so you are in control. Remember, this may be the only way the buyer can purchase a home, so they too appreciate this strategy and are eager to cooperate.

3. Receive / screen calls from the Ad, show the property to three to four prospective buyers, position the seller- financed deal that is being offered and get the interested buyers to complete a 1003 Credit Application and an Authorization to Release Credit Information (standard forms); I'll help!

4. FAX me the completed Credit Application(s) + an Authorization To Release Credit: we will review buyer's credit information; get them pre-approved; and help determine the best prospect to sell to. Our investors are much more lenient regarding credit issues than traditional sources and with a 575+ FICO score we can get most people approved immediately.
At this point, based on the buyer's financial information and the structure and terms of the note, we can determine the exact value of the note and make a firm purchase offer.

5. Seller and buyer sign a Real Estate Purchase Contract: everyone agrees on the structure and terms of the note to be created and I provide seller with a contract to purchase that note at, or right after, closing. We use your choice of a local title company, or closing agent, and they take over from there. We work with them to create and collect all the required documents and set a closing date.

6. At closing, seller creates and then simultaneously sells / assigns the mortgage note to our investor. The buyer's down payment, plus the funds that will be wired are used to pay all closing costs. The seller collects the balance of the funds. The buyer will then start making their payments directly to our investor. It's a done deal!

It is important to note that our investors are not lenders and can not create or originate loans. They only purchase existing mortgage notes and that is why the seller will use Temporary Seller Financing to first create the note and, in turn, sell that note to our investor. Again, this is all done, simultaneously, at the closing table.

This approach offers many benefits to the Buyer & Seller:

The seller gets top price (appraised value); the small discount on the note that is sold is often much less than the "price reduction and other concessions" that sellers often have to provide to buyers in order to get the deal done.

This is a very flexible approach! You can create and structure a note in a wide variety of unique ways to meet varying buyer / seller needs. And while most sellers will need / want to get all their cash out right away . . . we can also accommodate the seller who just wants to get some cash now . . . and the rest at some point in the future. This is called a partial purchase, and often provides the greatest overall return to the seller.

There is less negotiating, less hassle and we close much faster! Once the buyer is under contract, and we have the required paper work, we can usually close and fund in 14 working days, or less! Not 30-60-90 days!

Lower closing costs! No junk fees! No points! No loan origination fees! Other than the realtor commission (if any); the primary closing costs are simply the normal cost of an appraisal ($300 - $400) and title work (+/- $1000) + processing / legal fee ($200 - $300) charged by title company to create the required paperwork. And these fees can usually be split by the buyer and seller.

You get all the above on a deal that would not have been doable with traditional financing. We can do these deals all day long, nationwide. Let us help you sell your property fast with Temporary Seller Financing!

With access to over 200 funding sources nationwide, Mega Capital Resources stands ready to convert your mortgage note into cash. Please call us toll free at 1-888-429-4654 Ext. 149 or contact us today at info@megacapitalresources to receive a no obligation consultation about your specific TSF-Temporary Seller Financing/Simultaneous Closing sale.